Talevation Named SHL Partner Of The Year

Talevation Named SHL Partner Of The Year

Kokomo-based skill and behavior assessment giant honored by SHL

Kokomo, Indiana: Global talent thought leader, SHL, named Talevation, the paramount provider of skills and behavioral talent assessments, its 2021 SHL Reseller of the Year. The award recognizes Talevation’s diligent work and ability to accurately predict industry trends and cross-sell SHL products, as well as its ability to engage in a strong partnership. Since their partnership began in 2020, Talevation has become an asset to SHL.

“It was such an honor to be named the 2021 SHL Reseller of the Year,” says Adrian Jagow, Managing Partner at Talevation. “We couldn’t have achieved this without the hard work and dedication from our Talevation team. We are thankful for all our loyal customers who helped to make this happen.”

“SHL is thrilled to name Talevation as the 2021 SHL Reseller of the Year for North America. Talevation has worked tirelessly to craft a positive transition strategy for their legacy customers by partnering with SHL to ensure a smooth experience,” said Julie Stevens, SHL’s head of market development and partners. “Talevation’s focus on marketing/social media, technology, and client education have also been key to success. We are proud to work alongside such a dedicated and expert team and are excited to continue our efforts to grow over the years to come,” said Stevens.

About Talevation: Founded in 2016, Talevation is the #1 provider of skills and behavioral talent assessments used to identify, frame, validate, measure, prove and substantiate the fit and proficiency of potential and current employees. Talevation helps individuals and organizations of all sizes take the guesswork out of their talent decisions: from hiring the right people, to career development, and employee engagement. Talevation supports thousands of organizations, schools, government agencies and individuals that collectively administer 100,000+ individual skills and behavioral assessments, per month. For information about Talevation, visit www.talevation.com.


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