An amazing administrative hire can change the way your team operates. Our assessments measure a wide range of general clerical proficiencies and specialized skills used in today’s work environment.
With a severe shortage of skilled workers for industrial jobs and continued growth in the industry, it’s imperative to find skilled candidates with the aptitude to fulfill open jobs. Select the right candidates with an assortment of assessments measuring positions ranging from an apprentice to master level.
Employment in the legal industry has fluctuated, but despite the recent uptick in legal employment, there are still a disproportionate amount of applicants for the number of positions. Using assessments will help narrow down your large applicant pool to candidates that have the essential expertise for a variety of legal positions.
Prove It! / Kenexa - Microsoft Excel Job Assessment & Proficiency Tests Microsoft Excel - administer proficiency assessment tests for many versions of Microsoft Excel.
When a position is critical to your finances, a hiring mistake can have a serious impact on your business. Increase your organization’s revenue and your clients’ portfolios by hiring skilled accounting, banking, and financial personnel.
Your organization’s reputation is at stake with every service interaction. Ensure your representatives are qualified in assessing customers’ needs and processing information professionally and efficiently.
The healthcare industry is growing at a rapid rate and our assessments employ extensive research techniques to meet the industry’s testing demands. Our assessments effectively identify a variety of skill sets ranging from medical records and billing to administrative and clinical personnel.
Technical assessments can be a critical element of the interviewing process, providing essential information about the actual skill set of any candidate. Keep up with the pace of change in technology by evaluating your applicants’ IT capabilities, from hundreds of assessments covering basic computer knowledge to advanced programming.
Selecting and developing the next generation of leaders has significant consequences to the future growth of your organization. Designed for selection and development in upper mid-level and executive roles, this family of assessments ranges from fully automated to consultant-driven and can even incorporate an interview.
Rarely do organizations question the importance of hiring a great sales person. Our assessments provide a way to accurately measure the skills, fit, and behaviors of getting in the door, demonstrating value to the prospect, presentation, and closing the deal. Directly impact your business by hiring people that bring in the money!