Starting in December, we will be migrating the Talent Assessments Platform (TAP) application and e-commerce shop to a new assessment vendor.  We plan to be fully migrated at the end of January 2021.  What does this mean for new and existing customers?

Assessment Content

Our new assessment vendor provides many of the same tests offered today on TAP.  There will be some tests that will not be available while other tests will be conceptually similar but provide different results.  We'll work to make the migration as seamless as possible and include information related to legacy assessments.

Candidate Experience

The candidate experience (sitting an assessment) will change.  The way in which assessments are created and provided to candidates will not.

Hiring Manager Experience

Hiring Managers will notice little change.  The process of purchasing, creating assessments, and viewing results will be the same.  The content contained in an assessment report will reflect the new vendor and content.

Previous Purchases

Because some assessments will not be offered, we can not guarantee that a previously purchased assessment will be available after migration.  All previous purchases will be provided as credits once migration has completed.  These credits can be used to create any related assessment on the new platform.  For example, "skills" tests previously purchased will create "skills" test credits on the new platform.

More Flexible

We often get the question of swapping an assessment with another.  As we perform migration, we'll be making it easier to create assessments from purchases.  Rather than having to decide up front which assessment to purchase and administer, you'll be able to purchase an assessment credit that can be used to create any assessment.  We feel this makes the purchasing process easier and more flexible.

Other Questions

Please contact by email if you have any additional questions.