Test Fraud Prevention

Test fraud - the term given to any activity which is against the rules of the test or exam – can have serious repercussions, allowing for wrong decisions. When test fraud occurs during workplace assessments, it can lead to employers receiving inaccurate information on the skills, knowledge and work-readiness of their existing staff. It can also lead to an employer promoting or hiring the wrong candidate. In extreme scenarios - a team leader could place a staff member in a situation where they are a risk to themselves or others.

Use SHL’s auto/remote proctoring to deter:

  • Using unauthorized test aids such as searching online for the answers or using a calculator when forbidden.
  • Stealing questions by using digital cameras or other copying mechanisms.
  • Using a proxy test-taker to take the test for them.

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Virtual Interview Solutions

Historic screening processes can be limited and inefficient, and the pandemic has changed the traditional interview process. Over 85% of organizations are now conducting virtual interview as part of their process.

SHL offers three solutions to choose from:

Smart Interview On DemandSmart Interview Live and Smart Interview Live Coding

Use SHL's Smart Interview solutions to:

  • Screen thousands of candidates quickly with on-demand video interviews.
  • Provide a live, enhanced video interview experience for shortlisted applicants.
  • Utilize SHL’s live coding interviews with interactive whiteboards and evaluator collaboration for technical and coding interviews.