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A Brief History...

Kenexa was acquired by IBM in 2012 and became known as "Kenexa, an IBM Company," gaining approximately 2,800 employees in 21 countries.

In January of 2017, IBM began migrating customers from their Prove IT! assessment platform to their new platform, IBM Assess on Cloud. The Prove IT! platform was later disabled.

In January of 2020, IBM announced end-of-market and end-of-service for IBM Kenexa Talent Assessments. Not to worry! At that time, IBM partnered with assessment provider SHL to offer a transition path for Kenexa Assessment clients.

SHL – a global, market-leading assessments provider with 40+ years of experience – now provides IBM Kenexa/Prove IT! assessment content in addition to SHL's existing portfolio of assessments.

Where Talevation Comes In

Talevation was IBM’s #1 Partner for Prove IT! & Assess Solutions with over 3,500+ customers within the USA and we have also partnered with SHL as their #1 Reseller to continue assisting customers and prospects on SHL’s platforms with their assessment solutions. The full press release can be found here.

We at Talevation offer assessment purchase options for

  • organizations and high-volume recruiting, or
  • individual assessments via our self-service portal

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Our Clients

Talevation is honored to service and support over 3,000+ enterprise clients, including the Fortune 1000, small and midsize companies, workforce development agencies, staffing and recruiting firms, colleges and universities, and thousands of individual users, from across the world.

Success Stories

"Our company specializes in finding the best candidates (at the right time, place and price), for our national clients.  Thanks to our trusted relationship with Talevation and SHL, we have the resources, tools and support to help us identify, evaluate and determine the right people, for the right job."


"SHL has been an outstanding partner over the years, enabling our talent assessment programs with innovative science-driven assessment tools, supported by knowledgeable industry experts that ensure bottom-line results."


"Thanks to the individual and collective expertise, software and support we receive from Talevation and SHL- we are able to locate, assess, recruit, and service our aggressive hiring and promotion requirements.  Our relationship is great, and its been and continues to be a highly-valued and important partnership."