Age Appropriate Testing Assessment


Age Appropriate Testing Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Age Appropriate Testing assessment is aimed at gauging the knowledge of healthcare workers when considering age specific patient issues. Topics included on this assessment cover questions related to age and health for males, females, pediatric - adolescents, and in general. The question content is based on the appropriate association recommendations and the association is named directly in the test question where needed. This test should be administered to healthcare staff that directly works with a variety of patient ages, from children to the elderly, and needs to have acute knowledge of age specific treatments and procedures.


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Total Questions 36
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Female Age Appropriate
Male Age Appropriate
General Age Appropriate
Pediatric - Adolescent Age Appropriate
Tasks Tested Clinical Breast Exam Frequency
Bone Density Test for Women
Age for a Pap Test
Women Ages 50-74 Mammogram Frequency
Age Group for Pap and HPV Tests
65-Year-Old Woman with Normal Results
Pap Test Frequency
Hysterectomy and Cervical Cancer Screening
Woman Over 40 CBE
Aspirin a Day for Women
Breast Self-Exam
Testicular Cancer
Colorectal Cancer Screening Age
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening
Prostate Exam
African American Prostate Screen
Cholesterol Screening
HIV Screening
Middle Adult
Skin Exam for Men Age 40+
Relative with Colon Cancer
Eye Exam for Ages 65+
Colonoscopy Frequency
Thyroid Screening
Lipoprotein Profile
General Physical for Age 50+
Hearing Test for Age 50+
Age for Pneumonia Vaccine
Tetanus Booster
Lung Cancer Screening
Diabetes Screening
Adolescent Definition
Preschooler Definition
Flu Vaccine Age
Toddler Definition
Chickenpox Catch Up Series