Auditing Assessment


Auditing Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Auditing test covers auditing duties in the development, examination, review, and analysis of accounting records. It also covers field audits for organizations to assure accounts and other records are in compliance. This assessment is appropriate for candidates that have entry level to one year experience as an auditor.

Assessments for Business Income Tax and for Corporate Tax Accounting are also available.


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Total Questions 37
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Auditing Principles
Risk Management
Types of Engagements
Governance Elements
Conducting Engagements
Auditor's Report
Assurance Engagements Types
Control Knowledge Elements
Control and Governance Elements
Tasks Tested Basic Understanding of Audits
SAS 70
Audit Concept
Primary Objective
Audit Planning Process
Auditing Operations
Risk Avoidance
Risk Equation
Risk Retention
Risk Management Prioritization Process
Process of Correction
Risk Reduction
Risk Management
Engagement Types
Forms of Audits
Performance Audit
Special Audits
IS Audits
Operational Audits
Cost Analysis
Study and Testing of System
Internal Financial Reviewers
Non-obligatory Procedure
Financial Audits
Working Capital
Reasonable Cost
Planning Documents
Work Papers
Audit Adjustment
Government Programs
Compliance Reviews
Elements of an Audit
Audit Responsibilities
Accuracy of Financial Statements