AUS-NZ Vocabulary - Homophone Usage Assessment


AUS-NZ Vocabulary - Homophone Usage Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Australian Vocabulary - Homophone Usage assessment measures the skill level of the test taker in determining the differences among those words that sound alike but are spelled differently and possess distinct meanings.

This test is appropriate to administer to those that will be required to conduct any communications through the written word. This may include the use of email, letter writing, taking of minutes, writing of reports, and the myriad of written correspondences employed in the work environment.

Assessments for Vocabulary, Writing Samples, and Business Writing are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Homophone Punctuation
The Homophone In Context
Homophone Comparisons
Multiple Homophone Usage
Homophone Definitions
Tasks Tested It's - Its
Their - There - They're
He'd - Head - Heed
Who's - Whose
Aisle - I'll - Isle
He'll - Heal - Heel
Hew - Hue - Hugh
Affected - Effected
Heroin - Heroine
Ascent - Assent
Heard - Herd
Aught - Ought
Threw - Through - Thru
Manner - Manor
Warrantee - Warranty
Mall - Maul - Moll
Higher - Hire
To - Too - Two
Buy - By - Bye
Loan - Lone
Fair - Fare
Sail - Sale
Ware - Wear - Where
Rude - Rued
Saver - Savor
Marshal - Martial
Dual - Duel
Seam - Seem
One - Won
Discreet - Discrete
Scene - Seen
Sew - So
Knew - New
Patience - Patients
Timber - Timbre
Moan - Mown
Complementary - Complimentary
Moose - Mousse
Fairy - Ferry