AutoCAD 2018 Assessment


AutoCAD 2018 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 test is designed to assess the test taker's knowledge and familiarity with using AutoCAD 2018. The questions focus on several broad categories with an emphasis on 2D and 3D entity creation and modification, interface and drafting controls, dimensions and annotations, layers, blocks and external references. These questions are based on the day-to-day use of the program and are appropriate for Autodesk AutoCAD 2018 users with at least one year of experience. The test questions assume no customization has been done to the menus or interface and AutoCAD 2018 is in its default state.


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Total Questions 54
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested 2D/3D Entity Creation and Modification
Dimensions and Annotation
Interface and Drafting Controls
Administrative and General Tasks
Blocks and External References
Tasks Tested 3D Gizmo Functions
Working with Hatches
FILLET Command
Drawing Units Length Type
Single Object
Lines and Polylines
Hatch Creation Methods
ARRAY Command
Convert Polyline into a Line
Understanding the Scale Command
Creating a 2D polygon
Mask Entities with Background Color
Revision Cloud Style Option
3D Object Editing
Ray and Xline
Annotative Style
Prohibit Style Functionality
Types of Multileaders
Linear Dimensioning
Dimension Settings
Hovering Over File Tabs
Interface Controls
Controlling Dialog Box Display
NavBar Icon
Image Symbols
Mirror Command Text Direction
Working with Linetypes
Object Properties
Identifying Object Snaps
Altering Polyline Position
Layer Manager Light Bulb
Scaling Factor for Lines
Default Workspaces
External Reference Palette File Attachment
New Drawing with Selected Objects
Action Recorder
Saved File Format
Geographic Location Requirement
Geographic Location Tool
Pasting Entities
Plot Style Drawing to Table
Polyline PDF Text PDF
CAD Standards Manager
Load .NET Application
Macros and Customization
Exported File Extension
Point Clouds
Lightning Bolt Glyph
Understanding Blocks
Red Tags
Blocks and Attributes
Working with XREFs