Bank Teller Skills Assessment


Bank Teller Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

This skills evaluation was designed for bank teller candidates with varying levels of experience, from basic teller skills to advanced banking product knowledge. The subject matter covered by this exam is predominately technical, including knowledge of transaction processing, proper identification, teller accounting, government regulations in the banking industry, bank product knowledge and terminology. The majority of the questions are answerable by candidates with about 1 year of teller experience, while the remaining minority of the questions should distinguish the more experienced candidates.

Assessment for Financial Math, Basic Bank Teller Skills and Financial Spelling are also available.


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Total Questions 36
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Proper Identification
Following Government Regulations
Transaction Processing
Teller Accounting Knowledge
Bank Product Knowledge
Tasks Tested Proper Endorsements
Identifying Proper Endorsement
Secondary Customer Identification
Identifying the Customer
Primary Customer Identification
Necessary Customer Identification
Suspicious Activity Report
Regulation D
Bank Secrecy Act
Currency Transaction Report
Proper Robbery Procedures
Disclosure Regulations - Loan Disclosure
Basic Transaction Processing
Account Hold
Bank Processing Times
Annual Percentage Rate
Annual Percentage Yield
Transaction Knowledge
Home Equity Calculations
Debit/Check Card
Stop Payment
Secured Loan
Money Market
Secure Valuables
Government Savings
Time Deposit
Individual Retirement Account
Unsecured Loan
Home Equity
Cashier's Check
Direct Deposit
Traveler's Checks
Account Overdraft
Identifying Fraud