Basic CNC Assessment


Basic CNC Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Basic CNC test aims at assessing the skill level of the test taker in Basic CNC applications. The test is comprised of several different topics ranging from safety, programming abilities and general knowledge of CNC operations and is aimed at those with at least one year experience in the field.

Tests for Basic Industrial Skills and General Maintenance are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 41
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Terminology
Practical Knowledge
Tasks Tested Understanding Terminology
Letter Functions
Part Seating
Understanding Cycle Time
Size Differentials
Material Knowledge
Understanding the Dwell
Tool Engagement
Basic Knowledge
Job Procedures
Tool Inspection
Manual Production Knowledge
Probe Cycles
Tooling Knowledge
Program Code
Understanding Feed Rate
Tool Dwell Knowledge
Understanding Axis Movement
New Tooling Knowledge
Understanding Tool Wear
Bringing Up a Machine After Down Time
Understanding Safety
Clamping Devices
Knowledge of Safety Switches
Tool Wear
Machine Over-ride Knowledge
Coolant Knowledge
Chip Identification
Attention to Detail
Coolant Flow
CNC Grinding
CNC Knowledge
Knowledge of Machine Home
Coating Knowledge