Basic Electronics Assessment


Basic Electronics Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Basic Electronics test covers the general knowledge needed to work with electronics. The topics included on this test involve print reading, component function, color coding and circuit identification, and soldering and welding techniques. This test is appropriate to administer to test takers with beginner or minimal electronics knowledge.

Assessments for Electronic Schematics Resistor Color Code are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Print Reading
Component Function
Color Coding and Circuit Identification
Soldering and Welding Techniques
Tasks Tested Symbols 2
Symbols 7
Symbols 4
Symbols 1
Symbols 6
Symbols 8
Symbols 5
Interpreting Sketches - Resistors
Least Electronic Information
Interpreting Sketches - Ground Symbols
Symbols 3
Interpreting Sketches - Transistors
Symbols 9
Electromagnetic Device with Magnetic Core
Circuit Breaker
Elements of a Practical Circuit
Voltage Divider Applications
Component that Regulates Flow and Stores Energy
Parallel vs. Serial Registers
Component with Three Electrodes
Types of Diodes
Component to Resist Electrical Flow
Alternating into Direct Current
Two Electrode Semiconductor
Figuring Out Pin Order
Circuit Silicon
ANSI Logic Gate 2
ANSI Logic Gate 3
ANSI Logic Gate 1
Number that Red Represents
Number that Orange Represents
Number that Green Represents
Welding Symbols 2
Welding Symbols 1
Welding Symbols 3
Welding Symbols 5
Welding Symbols 4