Basic Numeric Conversion Assessment


Basic Numeric Conversion Assessment

Skills Assessment

The following test, entitled Basic Numeric Conversion, is a multiple choice test aimed at assessing the test taker's grasp of basic numeric conversion. Such topical areas included are percentage/decimal conversions, numeric/word conversions, monetary conversions and standard notation conversions.
Tests for Basic Industrial Math Skills and Basic Warehousing Knowledge are also available.


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Total Questions 26
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Numeric / Word Conversion
Standard Notation / Expanded Notation Conversion
Mixed Number / Fraction Conversion
Percent / Decimal / Fraction Conversion
Money Conversion
Tasks Tested Number to Word Form
Word Form to Number
Expanded Notation to Standard Notation
Mixed Number to Fraction
Fraction to Mixed Number
Fraction to Percent
Percent to Decimal
Fraction to Decimal
Percent to Fraction
Decimal to Percent
Cents to Dollars
Dollars to Cents