Blueprint Basics Assessment


Blueprint Basics Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Blueprint Basics assessment measures an individual's understanding and knowledge of prints used in a construction setting. It utilizes portions of actual prints and illustrations of blueprint symbols to test their understanding of what a print is saying to a contractor, sub-contractor, or architect. Topics include Blueprint Reading, Drawing Plans/Views, and Drawing Components/Symbols.

Assessments for Blueprint Reading, Basic Ruler Reading, and HVAC are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 35
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Drawing Plans/Views
Blueprint Reading
Drawing Components/Symbols
Tasks Tested CAD Drawings
Above Print View
Site Plan
Realistic Print View
Identifying the Illustration
Print Information
Ground Level Drawing
Mechanical Drawings
Plumbing Fixtures
Hose Bib Location
Common Drawing Types
Wide-Flange Beam
Air Flow
Custodial Room Dimensions
U.S. Floor Plan Scale
Pipe Sizes
Roof Slope
Dormer Roof
Masonry Wall Dimension
Low Voltage Switch
Drawing Scale
Identifying a Symbol for Wall Detail
Wall Drawing
Curved Property Line
Identifying an Outlet Symbol
Identifying a Switch Symbol
Identifying a Symbol for HVAC Drawing
Dimension Line
Hidden Line
Title Block