Blueprint Reading Assessment


Blueprint Reading Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test covers the test taker's knowledge of non-specific-trade blueprint reading and blueprint symbols. It has a general focus on the construction trades and the prints typically associated with construction projects. It contains illustrations that primarily refer to residential construction projects that allow test takers to be assessed on their ability to visually understand the layout and symbols associated with residential construction drawings. It also evaluates the test taker's comprehension of some line types used on construction drawings. The test is appropriate for test takers whose primary tasks include the construction and/or maintenance of residential structures that require frequent referral to a set of prints reflecting the desired outcome of the architect or engineer.

Assessments for Home Inspection Skills and Finish Carpentry are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Blueprint Basics
Tasks Tested Identifying Lines and Symbols on Drawings
Identifying Mechanical Drawings
Identifying Drawings
Identifying Objects and Lines on Prints
Reading Details on Drawings
Triangular Scale To Measure Drawings
Identifying Components Found on Construction Drawings
Understanding Types of Views Shown on Prints
Lines on a Drawing or Print
Identifying Types of Drawings
Interpreting Details on a Drawing
Understanding the Layout of Drawings
Specification Divisions
Actual Measurements Using Scales
Recognizing Types of Drawings
Reading a Block
Understanding Symbols on Drawings
Types of Views Shown on Prints
Reading Parts of a Print
Types of Scales Used on Prints
Layout of Drawings
Objects in Conjunction with Prints
Construction Specification Divisions
Project Administration with Prints
Identifying Types of Drawing
Understanding Symbols Found on Prints
Understanding the Arrangement of Drawings or Prints
Understanding Dimensions on a Drawing
Identifying Parts on a Drawing
Identifying Plans