Business Etiquette Assessment


Business Etiquette Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Business Etiquette assessment addresses questions with regards to appropriate manners and behaviors in the workplace as well as professional environments. It is appropriate to administer the test to any applicant, from entry level to executive level, that is required to know appropriate business behaviors. Because business etiquette greatly affects an individual's career prospects as well as a company's reputation, this test is useful for both the test taker and the administrator. Topics covered in the test include Client Etiquette, Effective Communication, Professional Appearance, Social Communication, Telephone Etiquette, Office Ethics, and Professional Correspondence.

Assessments for Customer Service Mindset Survey, Sexual Harassment, and Human Resource Basics are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 37
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Client Etiquette
Professional Appearance
Social Communication
Office Ethics
Effective Communication
Telephone Etiquette
Professional Correspondence
Tasks Tested Keeping an Appointment
Greeting with Etiquette
Applicable Rules and Policies
Introducing People
Confidentiality Ethics
Dressing for Business
Office Manners
Interpreting Body Language
Casual Wear
Making Small Talk
Making Proper Communication
Problems at Home
Proper Internet Usage
Handling Conflict
Personal Information
Making Conversations
Office Visit
Give a Compliment
Answering Invasive Questions
Handling Disabilities
Being an Effective Supervisor
Shaking Hands
Managing Conflict
Leaving Good Phone Messages
Telephone Courtesy
Caller on Hold
Business Communication
E-mail Composition
Writing Letters
Email Etiquette