BusinessObjects 5 - Client Assessment


BusinessObjects 5 - Client Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test for BusinessObjects 5 - Client measures the test taker's understanding of BusinessObjects Fundamentals. Questions are based on the workshop information provided by Business Objects. Topical areas include Activating BusinessObjects, Report Building, Conditions, Data Synchronization, Presentation Styles, Functions, Drill Techniques and Formatting and Printing.

Tests for Desktop Publishing Theory, Project Management Fundamentals and Office Management Skills are also available.


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Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Activating BusinessObjects
Report Building
Data Synchronization
Presentation Style
Drill Techniques
Formatting for Printing
Tasks Tested Refreshing a Document
Saving a Document
Opening Documents
Getting Help
Viewing Reports
Understanding the Report Manager
Editing Query Results
Identifying Objects
Setting up a Master/Detail Report
Identifying Classes
Using Multiple Data Sources
Identifying Universes
Identifying Documents
Building and Running a Query
Removing Objects
Understanding Query Conditions
Wildcards in Conditions
Using the AND Logical Operator
Applying Single-Value Conditions
Using Condition Objects
Applying Multi-Value Conditions
Synchronizing Data Providers by Linking
Naming a Data Provider
Understanding the Crosstab Structure
Creating Tables
Calculating the Variance Between Two Variables
Creating Variables
Applying Functions
Applying Calculations
Exploring the Slice and Dice Panel
Setting Validation
Drilling Through a Default Hierarchy
Understanding Drill Concepts
Using Predefined Custom Hierarchies
Changing the Orientation and Order of Rows
Hiding Blocks from Users
Managing Formats