Canadian Human Resources Basics Assessment


Canadian Human Resources Basics Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Canadian Human Resources Basics test assesses a candidate's ability to understand and implement various HR practices and processes. This assessment specifically administers questions that focus on the legalities within recruitment, benefit administration, employee discipline, compensation, record keeping, and performance management. This test is appropriate for beginner and intermediate level HR representatives.Tests for Human Resource Benefits Knowledge and EEOC Compliance are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Legal
HR Terms
Performance Management
Employee Relations
Tasks Tested Employment Authorization Document
Employee Records
Exempt vs. Non-Exempt
Government Body Functions
FML Eligibility
Specific Training
Separate Employee Records
Employee Review
Personal Development
Open-Ended Question
Drug Test
Employment Authorization
Legal Interview Questions
Equality in the Workplace
Illegal Interview Methods
Employee Relations
Performance Appraisal
Progressive Discipline
Initial Employment
Employee Mistreatment
Frequency of Training
Work Environment
Employee Handbook
Safety Standards
Working from Home
Correct Pay
Additional Pay
Pay Requirements
Minimum Wage
Record Keeping
WC Pay Requirements
Pay Rate
Personal Issues
Employee Leave
Open Enrolment
Employee Training
Cost Savings