Canadian Paralegal Skills Assessment


Canadian Paralegal Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Canadian Paralegal Skills test is designed for professionals who wish to pursue a career in the paralegal field in Canada. Because legal analysis is not the exclusive domain of the attorney; without understanding the legal analysis fundamentals, Paralegals may fail to grasp the complexities of the legal system and cannot accomplish many of the more demanding tasks which they are assigned. The aim of this test, then, is to assess one's knowledge of the functions of a paralegal, field regulations, ethical guidelines of paralegals and attorneys, legal analysis techniques, legal research options, investigations, office administration, and legal terminology.

Tests for Basic Litigation Knowledge, Legal Assistant and Legal Vocabulary are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 41
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Legal Terminology
Trial Procedures
Legal Documents and Writing
Legal Research
Tasks Tested Holographic Will
Party Initiating Lawsuit
Debtor and Creditor
Trial Brief
Flat Fee
Criminal Law Knowledge - Sentences
Compensation for Harm
Sole Practitioner
The Highest Court
Indictable Offence
Initial Pleading
Inferential Evidence
Ministerial Responsibility
Deposit for Fees
Bankruptcy Forms
Schedule of Pending Cases
Leading Question
Examining your Witness
Statutory Interpretation
Inability of Witness to Testify
Challenging Credibility
Contingent Fees
Time Limits of Trial Procedures
Motion Records
Responding Pleadings
Judicial Officer
Interview Questions
Pre-trial Question and Answer Session
Law Reports
Process of Resolution