Class [C] Automotive Mechanics Assessment


Class [C] Automotive Mechanics Assessment

Skills Assessment

The basic or "C" mechanic test is composed of those questions that may be considered common knowledge and is designed to determine whether an individual has some mechanical ability as well as some knowledge of tools. This test would be appropriate to administer to those who are looking to function in a class "C" automotive mechanic capacity.

Tests for Class "A" Automotive Mechanics and Class "B" Automotive Mechanics are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 34
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Tools
Tasks Tested Wire Cutting
Sockets and Box Wrenches
Strobe Light/Timing Light
Brake Adjustment
Replacing Spark Plugs
Lug Wrench
Radiator Shroud
Cooling System
Broken Flasher
Testing a Battery
Battery Light
Automatic Transmission Fluid
Transmission Service
Oil Change
Replacing a Battery
Cleaning a Battery
Vehicle Emission Control Information
Oil Filter Change
Changing Fuel Filter
Changing Spark Plugs
Changing Antifreeze
Refilling a Master Cylinder
Testing Antifreeze
Nuts and Bolts