Concordance Assessment


Concordance Assessment

Skills Assessment

Concordance EX is a database application geared towards the litigation support arena. The audience for this test may include, but is not limited to attorneys, paralegals and other legal staff. This test focuses 60% of its questions on basic end-user tasks, 20% on intermediate tasks and 20% on advanced tasks. A technical background is not necessary to answer 60% of the test questions herein.

Tests for Basic Litigation Knowledge, Paralegal Skills and Legal Assistant are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Modes and Customizing Layouts
Intermediate Searching
Advanced Searching
Tasks Tested Disabling the Split Mode
Accessing Modes
Accessing the Empties Feature
Identifying the Purpose of the Empties Feature
Identifying Modes
Locating the Sort Tool
Running a Tally
Creating a Customized Table Layout
Identifying Buttons
Using the NEAR Operator
Boolean Searching
Executing a Saved Serach Session
Using the ADJ Operator
Locating the Document Counter
Searching for a Word Phrase
Wildcard Searching
Using the XOR Operator
Displaying the Quick Search Toolbar
Running a Form Search
Using Relational Operators
Identifying proximity Search Limitations
Identifying the Purpose of a Fuzzy Search
Applying a Tag to an Entire Set of Records
Attaching External Documents to a Block of Text
Applying a Tag to a Record
Creating a New Tag
Opening Attached Documents
Identifying the Capabilities of Concordance
Defining a Tag
Identifying the Functions Buttons
Identifying an Issue
Identifying the Function of Buttons
Identifying the Function of a Button
Identifying the Function of the All Button