Concordance 10 Assessment


Concordance 10 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Concordance 10 test covers day-to-day user tasks and administration responsibilities when using this litigation database application. The audience for this test may include, but is not limited to attorneys, paralegals, and other legal staff. An understanding of general legal terms and administrative tasks is advised. Topics include administration, legal terms, views and wizards, working with data, markup and redline features, and printing documents and records. This test is appropriate to administer to test takers that have a year or more experience with Concordance.

Tests for Basic Litigation Knowledge, Paralegal Skills and Legal Assistant are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 41
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Legal Terms
Working with Data
Views and Wizards
Printing Documents and Records
Markup and Redline Features
Tasks Tested Discovery
Purpose of Concordance
Timing of Document Tagging
DITTO Functionality
Search Types
DITTO Command
Search within Fields
Activated Query
Database Visibility
Default View
Report Wizard Functions
Print Preview Mode Annotation Wizard
Annotation Wizard Reports
Attachment Report
Exporting Data to Excel
Browse and Table View
User Setup
Creating New Database
Creating New User
Working with a Concatenated Database
Saving Concatenated Database
Working with Transcripts
Print and Hold Feature
Print a Record
Printing Features
Printing Reports
Saving a Tagged Folder
Quick Marks
Adding Notes
Creating Tags