Electrical Engineering: Power and Control Assessment


Electrical Engineering: Power and Control Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Electrical Engineering: Power and Control test covers the technology and terminology used by engineers working in traditional practice. The subjects herein include practical applications of power and control theory, design of power and control equipment, and electrical construction and maintenance. Most questions can be answered without a calculator or reference book, thereby testing the general familiarity with electrical engineering principles and problems. The test results will help gauge the candidate's suitability for positions in plant operations, consulting, construction, equipment design, and technical sales.

Tests for Electrical Engineering: Electronics & Communication and Mechanical Engineering: Thermodynamics Fundamentals are also available.


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Total Questions 50
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Applied Electrical Theory
Power Equipment
Applied Control Theory
Traditional Control Equipment
Electronic Control Equipment
Electrical Construction and Maintenance
Tasks Tested Maximum Power Transfer
Power Calculations
Series Circuits
Distribution Equipment Performance
Circuit Grounding
DC Power
AC Power
Ampacity of Copper Conductors
Equivalent Resistance
Motor Control Center Design
Equivalent Power
Motor Control Centers
Motor Speed Control
Induction Motors
High Voltage Terminations
Current Calculation
Reduced Voltage Starter
Power Factor
Power Factor Correction
Transformer Connections
Distributed Control
Motor Starter Control Circuits
Control Circuits
Three Mode Control
Complex Control
Off-On Circuits
Process Control
Safe Control Wiring
Control Room Equipment
Hazardous Area Controls
Speed Sensing
Flow Measurement
End Device Design
Time Delays
Motor Control Device
Position Sensing
Critical Controls
Programmable Logic Controllers
Instrumentation Signals
Remote Monitoring
Level Measurement
Electrical Noise Reduction
Sensor Design and Application
Wire sizing
Panel Board Expansion
Cable Types
Ground Protection
Hazardous Areas
Conduit Design
Temporary Transformer Operation