Flooring Skills Assessment


Flooring Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Flooring Skills test covers the installation and upkeep of various types of flooring. This assessment addresses such topical areas as water damage, climate acclimation, refinishing, and laying flooring over existing flooring. The test aims at determining whether the candidate possesses a basic knowledge of various types of flooring as well as the ability to identify proper tools and materials needed to efficiently and effectively perform on the job. This test is appropriate to administer to a person working on installing and/or caring for vinyl, wood, tile and carpet flooring.

Tests for Metric Ruler Reading, Rough Carpentry and Shop Math are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 46
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Carpet
Tasks Tested Using a Seaming Iron
Seams in Carpet
Stretching Carpet
Installing Carpet
Seam Iron
Cutting Carpet
Vinyl Flooring
Inter-Flex Flooring
Vinyl Tile
Non-Porous Floor
New Flooring
Latex Glue Removal
Wood Floor Repair
Wood Floors
Climate Acclimation
Water Damaged Wood Floors
Laminate Flooring
Pre-Finished Wood Floors
Door Jambs
Ceramic Tile
Thin Set
Tile Centering
Grout Sealer
Wet Saw
Tiling Over Wood
Bathroom Tile