Healthcare Benefits Knowledge Assessment


Healthcare Benefits Knowledge Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test will cover Healthcare Terminology, Eligibility Criteria & Guidelines, Products & Benefit Usage, Premium, Billing Adjustments & Discrepancies.

This test is best suited to be administered to: Eligibility Consultants, Benefit Consultants, Billing/Premium Consultants, HR Generalists, HR Personnel, and Benefit Administrators.

This test will identify the test takers understanding of frequently used healthcare terminology, their knowledge of established procedures and guidelines pertaining to eligibility, adds, changes, terminations. This test, will further challenge the test takers ability to identify healthcare products, the usage of benefits, and will also identify their level and ability to resolve billing, premium adjustments and discrepancies. It is suggested that a calculator be provided to the test taker while administering this test.

Tests for Medical Records Billing as well as Human Resources Basics are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Healthcare Terminology
Tasks Tested Identifying Functional Points of Contacts
Insurance Compliance and Mandates
Identifying Restricted Eligibility Criteria
Identifying Premium Extensions
Identifying Supplemental Benefits
Identifying Unrestricted Eligibility Criteria
Identifying Coordinators
Identifying Contracted Care Providers
Identifying Primary and Secondary Coverage
Identifying Eligibility Criteria
Identifying Plan Qualification Criteria
Identifying Eligible Plan Benefits
Identifying Eligibility Criteria for Continuation of Benefits
Identifying Plan Provisions and Benefits
Identifying Provisions and Benefits
Identifying Product Provisions
Identifying Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines
Identifying Eligibility Criteria and Benefits
Identifying Eligibility Benefits and Criteria
Billing Adjustments and Discrepancies