HIPAA Administration Assessment


HIPAA Administration Assessment

Skills Assessment

HIPAA laws are far reaching and affect just about every American citizen. HIPAA laws were created to, among other things, protect private health information of patients, ensure an employee's ability to switch health insurance carriers, and standardize electronic code sets used to transfer private health information electronically.

The HIPAA Administration test covers knowledge of a variety of general topics that are regulated under HIPAA Law. Topics include HIPAA Definitions, HIPAA background, Electronic Standards, HIPAA compliance requirements, HIPAA Documentation, Penalties for HIPAA Violations, and HIPAA Security.

This test covers a wide range of HIPAA topics associated with Human Resources Departments, Medical Practitioner's Offices, Hospital Administration, Medical Billing Departments, Insurance Plans, and other HIPAA Professionals.

Assessments for HIPAA - Clinical Staff and JCAHO are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 34
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Definitions
Electronic Standards
Tasks Tested Core Definition
Health Insurance Exclusions
Significant Break
Intentions of HIPAA
Protected Health Information
HIPAA Enforcement
Third-Party Vendors
NPI Organizations
Requesting a Restriction on PHI
File Violation Complaint
Minimum Necessary Standard Compliance
Electronic Media Disposal
PHI Formats
Notification of Rights
Third Parties
Training Requirements
Medical Record Set Amendment
PHI Involving Minor Children
Federal Certification
Time to File Complaint
Health Claim Electronic Transaction
Identify Electronic Transaction
Electronic Transaction Vocabulary
Security Standard Documentation
Documenting a Violation
Violation Documentation
Identifying Prior Coverage
Guarding Access to PHI
Positions Required by HIPAA
Protecting PHI
Components of a Security Plan
Electronic PHI Access
Group Insurance Portability