Joint Commission Assessment


Joint Commission Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Joint Commission test is designed to assess the level of knowledge of administrators, clinicians, and/or managers involved in the accreditation process within a healthcare organization that are currently accredited or are actively seeking accreditation. Questions relate to what the survey process consists of, risk management strategies, and governance issues. The accreditation process is complex, therefore, this test will not only focus on basic knowledge necessary to aid a successful survey, but will include intermediate and advanced knowledge-based questions relevant for a variety of participants.

Assessments are also available for Healthcare Industry Terminology and Medical Records Legal Issues.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 30
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Joint Commission and Purpose
Risk Management
Performance Improvement
Tasks Tested Reason to Seek Accreditation
Types of Occurrences
Surgical Risk Management
Recalled or Discontinued Medications
Outside Medications
Five Rights of Medication Administration
Incident - Medication
Occurrences and Improvement
National Safety Goals
Scheduling First-Time Accreditation Survey
Joint Commission Mission
Adopting Policies
Medicaid and Medicare
New Additions to the Standards Chapter
Public Information Interviews
Required Duration of Public Notices
Determining Mission of the Organization
Postponing a Survey
Demonstrating Compliance - Time Frame
National Patient Safety Goals
Changes in Organizational Function
Standard in Assessing Compliance
Standards for Full Compliance
Reporting Compliance
Quality Assurance
Survey Process
Abbreviation Compliance
ESC Submissions