Legal Filing Skills Assessment


Legal Filing Skills Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Legal Filing Skills test measures three variables; the ability to file, research, and manage business and legal documents in an office environment. The test is intended to assess legal support personnel who are responsible for records management in the workplace. Topics covered on this test include general filing principles, file organization, filing alphabetically, and filing order. This test is appropriate for test takers that have a year or more experience with Legal Filing Skills.

Tests for Legal Spelling, Legal Assistant and Legal Staff Skills are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 36
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested General Filing Principles
Filing Alphabetically
Filing Order
Tasks Tested Centralized
Filing Storage Practices
Purpose of an Office Filing System
File Location Responsibility
Office Filing Functions
Purpose of Filing
Original Legal Documents
Sending Unused Files to Storage
File Retention
File Disposal
How Color Coding Works
Filing Image
Updated Storage List
Your Own Filing System
Numerical Systems
File Review
Multiple Methods of File Location
Decentralized Filing System
Client's Property
Filing System Loss Prevention
Filing with Hyphenated Names
Filing by Government Names
Filing with Business Name, Location, and Last Name
Filing with a Title
Filing by Business Name
Filing with Suffixes
Filing Single Letters and Abbreviations of Personal Names
Filing by Name
Filing by Business Name with Symbols
Filing with Prefixes
Numerical Filing
Level Numerical Filing
Reverse Chronological Data
Reverse Chronological