MAS 90 - Bookkeeping Assessment


MAS 90 - Bookkeeping Assessment

Skills Assessment

Those using Mas 90 Bookkeeping and its various modules should know principles of accounting, such as data entry and write up procedures, processing of financial statements, billing methods and payment processing methods, payroll procedures and deduction processing in addition to the Mas 90 system.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Basic Procedures
General Ledger Functions
Journal Entries
Data Entry
Accounting Periods
Tasks Tested Client Write-Up Actions
MAS 90 Functions
Save Reports
User Codes
System Start-Up Tasks
Password Functions
Chart of Accounts Entries - Number of Categories or Account Groups
Accessing a Company
Display of Logged-On Users in Master Console
Changing User Password
Duplicating Chart of Accounts and Financial Statements
Company Maintenance
Printing Reports
Making Company Changes from the Launcher
Bank Reconciliation Functions
Report Printing
Payroll Set-Up Order
Access MAS 90 Modules and Tasks
Account Balances
Posting Future Periods
Access to General Ledger
Setting up Account Numbers
Register Number and Jounal Entry Number
Journal Updating
Recording After the Fact Journal Entries
Posting Journal Entries
Purchase Order and Sales Order Inquiry
Payable Processing
Processing Sales Orders
Display a List of Records
Client Write-Up
Client Write-Up Setup Files
Posting Transactions Order
Client Write-Up - Purging Accounts
Accounting Date
Setting Account Date
Copy Information to Clipboard
Printing Forms Using Crystal Reports
Types of Forms
Selecting Different Printing Methods