Medical Claims Processing Assessment


Medical Claims Processing Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test covers a wide array of practical knowledge for today's medical examiner. It is appropriate to administer to medical examiners as well as people working in call centers in a medical setting. Included are such skills as paying or denying claims, ICD9 and CPT knowledge, workers compensation rules, hospital standards, and medical terminology.

Tests for Medical Terminology as well as Medical Records Coding are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Medical Terminology
Terms & Abbreviations
Medical Office Procedures
Medical Claims Processing
Tasks Tested Identifying Diagnosis - Obesity
Identifying Providers Titles - Pediatrician
Identifying Diagnosis - Lower Back Pain
Identifying Diagnosis - HBP
Identifying Procedures - Venipuncture
Identifying Diagnosis - Mental Health Parity
Identifying Procedures - Infusion Therapy
Identifying Insurance Types - Specific Medical Group
Identifying Provider Titles - LAc
Medical Abbreviations - Insurance Coverage
Identifying Insurance Types - Job Injury
Identifying Providers Titles - Otolaryngologist
Identifying Providers Titles - D.C.
Identifying Insurance Types - Network of Physicians/Hospitals
Identifying Modifier Codes - 80
Medical Terms - Extended Stay
Identifying Modifier Codes - 51
Identifying Medical Abbreviations - Nebulizer/Tens Unit
Identifying Insurance Types - Over 65
Billing Claims - Flat Fee
Denying Claims
Pending Claims
Hospital Claims
Medical Terms - End-of-Life Care
Billing Claims - Percent
Claims Payments
Professional Claims
Medical Terms - Condition Prior to Insurance
Medical Terms - Prenatal Care Billing
Medical Terms - Patient Payment
Medical Policies - Post-Employment Coverage
Adjusting Techniques
Claims Processing - Birthday Rule
Processing Guidelines - Two Carriers
Processing Guidelines - Anesthesia Measurement
Medical Processing - Newborn Coverage
Medical Processing - No Allowable Amount
Federal Guidelines
Medicare Guidelines - Part B
Medicare Guidelines - Part A