Medical Terminology - Radiology Assessment


Medical Terminology - Radiology Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Medical Terminology - Radiology test measures the knowledge of test takers concerning the core terms and concepts used in radiology. Topics on this test include modality knowledge, basic and advanced terminology, and abbreviated terminology. This test is designed for medical office personnel including, nurses, medical assistants, medical coders and administrative assistants who need to be able to understand medical terms. This test was written with the assumption that the test taker has a working knowledge of radiology terms.


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Total Questions 45
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Abbreviated Radiology Terminology
Basic Radiology Terminology
Modality Knowledge
Intermediate Radiology Terminology
Advanced Radiology Terminology
Tasks Tested PA CXR
CAT Scan
Kilovoltage Peak
Distance from the Radiation Source to the Image Receptor
Moving Images
Device for Heart Rhythm
Appearance of Short Structure
Light Part of an X-ray Image
Increased OID Technique
Joint X-ray
Balloon Procedure
Appearance of Long Structures
Fluoroscopic Equipment Arm
Uniform Contrast for an X-ray
Liquid Injections of Contrast
Distance Between Lead Strips
Non-tissue Image Distortion
Modality without Ionizing Radiation
Department for Gamma Camera
Low-Dose Breast Imaging
Nuclear Medicine Imaging
CT Computer Program
Creatinine Exam
Breathing Technique
Venogram Study
Frog Leg Hip/Pelvis Position Angulation
Fallopian Tubes, Ovaries, and Uterus Exam
Shielding for Reproductive Organs
RAO Sternum
Unwanted Image Fluctuations
Digital Version of the Cassette
AP Sacrum Tube Angle
IP Image