Microsoft Excel 2019 - Power User Assessment


Microsoft Excel 2019 - Power User Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Microsoft Excel 2019 - Power User test attempts to provide the basis for separating candidates who possess limited exposure to Microsoft Excel 2019 from those who are conversant with the full functionality of the software. The primary topics include advanced formatting and formula writing. This test is designed to test candidates who will be required to use some of the more advanced features of the program on a regular basis.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 25
Question Types Simulation
Competencies Tested Formatting and Editing
General Commands and Properties
Insert Tools
Page Layout
Tools and Data Management
Tasks Tested Hide Column
Freeze Panes
IF Statement
Select Non-Contiguous Cells
Paste Special
Fill Handle
Conditional Formatting
Custom Sort
Table Style
Edit PivotTable
PivotTable Filter
Create PivotChart
Create a Macro
Run a Macro
Turn on AutoFilter
Apply Filter
Cell References
Convert Text to Columns
Create a Custom List
Select Multiple Worksheets
Insert Page Break
Print Area