Milling Machine Assessment


Milling Machine Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Milling Machine test assesses the test taker's knowledge and hands-on ability with running and maintaining a manual milling machine in a work environment. This assessment covers basic machine tool theory as well as safety, types of cutters, setup, and operation. This test is appropriate for any person who currently works or has worked on a manual milling machine and understands the basic methods/practices used within the manufacturing industry on these machines.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Parts
Correct Mill Operation
Measuring Devices
Types of Milling Cuts and Cutters
Shop Safety
Tasks Tested Knee Handles
Manual Y-Axis Handles
Manual X- Axis Handles
Milling Machine Parts
Bridgeport Z-Axis Handles
Quill Feed
Lubrication Maintenance
Edge Finder
Handwheel Micrometer Collar
Table Travel
Finding a Center
Milling Machine Axis
Face Milling
Squaring a Block
Crashed Tool
Vise Operation
Spindle Operation
Drill Chuck
Table Feed
Tool Life
Standard Style Collets
RPM Spindle Speed
Cutting Speed
Side Milling
Mill Vise
Collet Increments
Changing Speeds
R8 Collet Problem
Surface Plate
Measuring Tools
End Mill Spindle Speed
End Mill Rule of Thumb
Woodruff Cutters
Fly Cutter
Chemical Safety
Safety Equipment