Nursing Assistant Assessment


Nursing Assistant Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Nursing Assistant test is aimed at assessing the skill level of CNA's, certified nursing assistants, in the day to day duties of patient care and working in a medical environment. Topics include HIPAA regulations, clinical procedures, infection control, job safety, and patient's rights. This test is appropriate to administer to test takers with a year or more experience as a CNA.

Tests for Medical Office Personnel Skills, Registered Nurse (RN), and OSHA are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Job Responsibility
Clinical Procedures
Infection Control
Tasks Tested Stop Sign Outside Patient's Room
G-Tube Feedings
Patient's Privacy
Bed Bath to Coma Patient
HIPAA Acronym
Understanding HIPAA
Hazard Communication
HIPAA Patient Rights
Call Bell
Job and Patient Safety
Unresponsive Patient
Patient's Rights
Patient Requests
Providing Proper Dietary Needs
Changing an Incontinent Pad
Human Physiology - Decubitus
Fire Safety
Recording Fluid Intake
Abnormal Findings
Emptying a Foley Bag
Understanding Abbreviations -NPO
Heel Decubitus
Preventing Accidents and Injuries on the Job
Isolation Types
Foley Bags
Blood Pressure Result
Rectal Temperature
Calculating ml's
Foley Bag Levels
Understanding Vital Signs
Hepatitis B
Understanding OSHA Regulations
Infection Control
Work Practices - Food Storage