Office Telephone Etiquette Assessment


Office Telephone Etiquette Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Office Telephone Etiquette measures general use of the telephone for most organizations. The focus of this assessment is on evaluating a test taker's communication skills along with their ability to recognize proper telephone etiquette and the best way to handle calls.

Assessments for Call Center Environment [audio], Call Center Customer Service Survey, Call Center Telephone Etiquette, and Call Center Listening Skills [audio] are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 37
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Projecting a Professional Image
Taking and Leaving Messages
Greetings and Closings
Standard Protocol
Dealing with Challenges
Common Courtesy
Listening Skills
Tasks Tested Appropriately Using Humor
Proper Use of Telephone Equipment
Understanding Special Needs of Telephone Conversation
Before a Call
Demonstrating Appropriate Behavior
Doing Your Job Effectively
Leaving Voice Messages
Returning a Call
Knowing How to be Efficient
A Good Phone Message
Giving a Good First Impression
Wrapping the Call
Getting Prepared to Greet the Caller
Identifying the Greeting
When to Answer a Ringing Phone
Ensuring Mutual Understanding
Knowing How to Appropriately End a Call
Knowing Helpful Language
Transferring a Call
Screening Calls
Preparing to Speak
Placing Someone on Hold
Keeping Yourself Organized
Rule for Returning Calls
Being Respectful
Handling Emotions
Controlling the Call
Handling a Difficult Caller
Handling Irate Callers
Reality of Expectations
Understanding How to Communicate Professionally
Good Manners When Placing a Call
Being Aware of Proper Conduct
Knowledge of Telephone Manners
Verifying Course of Action
Knowing How to Participate in the Conversation
Using Tools of Communication