Press Brake Operation Assessment


Press Brake Operation Assessment

Skills Assessment

A Press Brake is a machine used in cold-forming metal sheets or strips into desired sections. It is an important industrial tool used by many metal workers. The Press Brake Operation assessment measures a candidate's knowledge of using a Press Brake properly and safely. The test taker should be familiar with the principals of using a Press Brake, proper metal bending techniques, and the tools and terms used in accurately shaping metal. This test is appropriate for candidates that have a strong, hands-on knowledge of Press Brake operation.

Assessments for Basic CNC and Lathe Operator are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 39
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Adjusting Dimensions
Measuring Dimensions
Press Brake Fundamentals
Tasks Tested Press Brake R-Axis
Press Brake Z-Axis
Press Brake X-Axis
Press Brake Y-Axis
Tool Used to Measure Material Thickness
Determining Included Angle
Obtuse Angle
Tool Used to Measure Angles
Determining Excluded Angle
Tool Used to Measure Length
Expressing 1/4 Inch
Points of Contact
Bending with a Smaller Radius than Recommended
Type of Dies to Make Bends with Sharp Inside Radii
Type of Dies to Make Special Shapes
Bending Past 90 Degrees
Type of Dies to Compensate for Springback
Forming Mode - Programmed Resistance
Bending with a Recommended Radius and Vee Opening
Bending Force
Benefit of Air Bending
Bending with a Slightly Smaller Die
Minimizing Distortion
Most Tonnage Used
Minimize Cracking
Bending Steel
Bending Open Angle Bends
Forming Mode - Programmed Retraction
Maximum Weight Lifted Safely
Safety Practice
Press Brake Left Unattended
Inside Radius Control
Preferred Vee Opening Formula
Programming a Bend Sequence
Punch Radius
Step Bending
Press Brake Program
Consistent Flange Dimensions