Print Reading - Construction Assessment


Print Reading - Construction Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Print Reading - Construction assessment evaluates a user's knowledge on a range of topics associated with understanding and reading construction blueprints. Topics include building components, specifications, plans and views, nomenclature, and drawing types. This test is developed for candidates with at least a year of experience reading construction prints.

Assessments for Print Reading - Electrical and Print Reading - Manufacturing are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 50
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Nomenclature
Drawing Types
Plans and Views
Dimensioning and Specifications
Building Components
Tasks Tested Symbol Meaning
Bedroom Wood Framing
Dashed Line
Sectional View
Circle with 2 Lines
Small Circle and Walls
Interior Wall Call Out
Wall on a Foundation Point
Hip Roof
Circle Divided in Half
Stone Beneath a Floor Slab
Solid and Dashed Curved Lines
Exterior Wall Material
True Length on a Gable Roof
Reflective Ceiling
Master Bedroom Measurements
Plan View
Hidden Line Above Doors/Windows
Perspective View
Property Line Coordinates
Irrigation System
Larger Scale View of a Component
Identifying Surface Needs
Dashed Line in a Wall
Designating the Direction of Three Sides
Engineer's Scale
Slab with Crisscross Weave
Kitchen Abbreviation
Architectural Scales
Square Feet of Block
Sloped Roof
Determining Dimension
Plumbing Riser Diagram
PSI Call Out
Varying Wall Thickness
Construction Standards Institute
Call Out Description
Room Dimensions
Wall Material
Fire Stop
2x4 Parallel to the Foundation
Steel Beam
Metal Stud Use
Rafter Location
Blocking and Bridging
Anchor Bolts
S or P Shaped Apparatus
Brick Installation
Curly Symbol