Print Reading - Manufacturing Assessment


Print Reading - Manufacturing Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Print Reading - Manufacturing assessment evaluates a user's knowledge on a range of topics associated with understanding and reading manufacturing blueprints. This includes dimensioning, specialized print reading, drawings and prints, materials, welding symbols, and drawing views. This test is developed for candidates with at least a year of experience working with manufacturing prints.

Assessments for Print Reading - Construction and Print Reading - Electrical are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 40
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Dimensioning
Drawings and Prints
Principles of Drawing Views
Specialized Print Reading
Tasks Tested Dimensioning Types
Dimension Lines with Jogs
Equivalent Measurement
Thread Callout
Length Dimension
D Size Drawing
Break Lines
Bill of Materials
Identify Drawing Feature
Title Block Scale Notation
Title Block
Hand Drawn Sketches with Notation
Critical Operational Issue
Detailing a Complex Plan View
Drawing Revision Column
F.H.C.S. Fastener
Machine Screw Size
GD&T Meaning
Screw Hole Fit Condition
Break All Sharp Corners
FN4/FN5 Force Fit
1/2'' Shoulder Screw
GD&T Symbol
Proper Hole Recognition
R.375 Dimension
1st Angle Projection
Thin Material Sectioning
T.I.R. Note
Depicted Hidden Features
Drawing Notes
View with Small Details and Features
Metal Die Casting
Flange Pattern System for Holes
Electrical Schematic Drawing
Projection Weld