QuickBooks Pro 2013 v2 Assessment


QuickBooks Pro 2013 v2 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This QuickBooks Pro 2013 test has been designed to measure the basic accounting and bookkeeping concepts involved with QuickBooks. Topics covered by this test include new QuickBooks Pro 2013 features, information and transaction entry, reports and accounts, customers, and payroll. This assessment is appropriate for Accounting Assistants, Financial Assistants and Accounting Clerks with at least a year or more of QuickBooks Pro 2013 experience.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested QuickBooks Pro 2013 Features
Information and Transaction Entry
Reports and Accounts
Tasks Tested Closing the Accounting Period
Service Subscriptions
Multi-currency Feature
View All Windows
Batch Invoices
Receive Payments
Customer Overpayment
Customer Statements
Creating an Invoice from an Estimate
Recording Depreciation
Billing Payment Terms
Recurring Transactions
Bank Reconciliation
Billable Expenses
1099 Reporting
Applying Bill Credits
Billable to Customer
Inventory Changes
Create Vendor
Tracking Time
Credit Memo
Managing Lists
Writing Checks
Standard Profit and Loss Report
Inventory Valuation
Customizing Reporting
Using QuickBooks Graph
Cash vs Accrual
Unpaid Customer Invoices
Recording Deposits
Payroll Forms
Entering New Employee