QuickBooks Pro 2017 Assessment


QuickBooks Pro 2017 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This QuickBooks Pro 2017 test has been designed to measure the basic accounting and bookkeeping concepts involved with QuickBooks. Topics covered by this test include new QuickBooks Pro 2017 features, daily data entry and accounting, banking and payroll, setup and customization, reporting and auditing, and year-end functions. This assessment is appropriate for Accounting Assistants, Financial Assistants and Accounting Clerks with at least a year or more of QuickBooks Pro 2017 experience.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 36
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Setup and Customization
Banking and Payroll
Daily Data Entry and Accounting
Year-End Functions
Reporting and Auditing
Tasks Tested Entering a Depreciable Asset
Set Up Company Tax Type
Damaged File
Save File Size
Correct Expense Account
Chart of Accounts and Taxes
Deposited Money from Received Payment
Chart of Accounts Clean Up
Paying Garnishment
Paying ICs
Update UI Rate
Reconciling Old Checks
Deposit Funds
Bank Feed
Bank Correction
In-House Inventory
Syncing Books
Physical Inventory
Invoicing Monthly
Return Damaged Product
PO Creation
Pay Bill with Gift Card
Entering Mileage
Gift Card Purchase
Batch Invoicing
Automatic Year-End Adjustment
Before Tax Preparation
Year-End Requirement
Retained Earning
Reading an Audit Report
Reports Processing
Quarter End Reporting
Other Name List
Finding a Transaction