Radiologic Technologist Assessment


Radiologic Technologist Assessment

Skills Assessment

A Radiologic Technologist performs diagnostic medical imaging examinations on patients. In order to do this capably and safely, the Radiologic Technologist must have knowledge, experience and skills in the areas of patient care and management, equipment maintenance and operation, radiographic procedures, radiation protection, and image production and evaluation. This test is appropriate to administer to Radiologic Technologists with a year or more experience.

Tests for Medical Office Personnel Skills, Medical Spelling and Medical Assistant are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 36
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Patient Care and Management
Radiographic Procedures
Image Production and Evaluation
Tasks Tested Ethics and Responsibility
Moving a Patient
Exam Documentation
Handling a Potentially Pregnant Patients
Patient Identification
Patient Refusal
Patients Waiting
Imaging Difficult Patients
Reduced Radiation Dose
Patient Protection
Exam Scheduling
Using Contrast Media
Using Air in a Barium Enema
Reducing Repeat Exposures
Pediatric Bone Age Study
Fluoroscopy Considerations
Demonstrate the Sacroiliac Joints
Understanding the Reasons Behind Different Radiographic Examinations
Chest Bucky
Anode Heel Effect
Difficulty Viewing Odontoid Process
Lateral View of the Hip
Demonstrate the Sternum
Optimal Portable Chest X-ray
Imaging Trauma Patients
Positioning and Patient Instruction
KUB Film with Wrong Grid
Understanding Reasons Behind Repeat Films
Film Quality Assurance
Abdomen Film
Manipulating Image Contrast
Working with Image Density
Controlling Patient Motion
Reducing Patient Motion
Correcting Over-Penetrated Film
Uniformly Gray Film