Revit Architecture 2013 Assessment


Revit Architecture 2013 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Revit Architecture 2013 assessment evaluates a user's knowledge on a range of topics with an emphasis on the understanding and application of the various tools available and the functions they perform. Topics include families, coordinating, wall style, modifying object, visibility/view, and user interface. This test is developed for candidates with a beginner to intermediate level of experience using Revit Architecture 2013.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested User Interface
Wall Style
Modifying Object
Visibility/ Views
Tasks Tested Tab for a Link
Tab for Adding Text
Tab for Changes to Objects/Line Types
Interference Check
Title Block
Tab for a Building Section
Floor Plan Columns
Changing Scale
Four Drawing Area Symbols
Enable Energy Model Tool
Grouping a Family
Template for Door Family
Family Check Box
Flip Feature Tool
Parameter for Multiple Projects
Creating Families
Planes for Adding Boundaries
Solid Extrusion
Family Imported in a Family
Restraints and Controls
Check a Beam
Tracking Location
Worksharing Workset
Working in a Model
Updated User Work
Two Wall Styles for One Wall Type
Wall Location Line
Concrete Masonry Unit
Parameter for Wall Type Layer
Highlighted Tool 4
Highlighted Tool 2
Highlighted Tool 1
Highlighted Tool 3
Wall Style Detail
Entities on Wrong Floor
Multiple View Preferences
Hidden Objects Made Visible
3D Model Skeleton