Safety in the Workplace Assessment


Safety in the Workplace Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Safety in the Workplace test focuses on specific occupational hazards and regulations related to material handling in an active workplace and warehouse environment. The test was developed to assess the subject's knowledge of general safety, material handling and storage safety, machine safety, and powered industrial vehicles. This test is appropriate to administer to anyone who is responsible for workplace and warehouse safety with at least a year or more experience.

Tests are also available for Basic Industrial Skills and Basic Warehousing Knowledge.


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Total Questions 47
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested General Safety
Machine Safety
Material Handling & Storage Safety
Powered Industrial Vehicles
Workplace Injury
Tasks Tested Confined Space
Formaldehyde Exposure
Lead Air Sampling
PIV Re-training
Impact Delay
PSM Program Need
PPE Requirements
Forklift Equipment for Unbanded Items
Overhead Conveyor Safety
Non-ionizing Radiation
Machine Guard
PIV Horn Honk
Choosing a Door
Reading the MSDS
Safety Hazard Definition
Power Press Operation
Chemical Information
Leaking Package Response
Driving a Forklift at a New Company
Wearing a Seat Belt
Reporting a Hazard
Forklift Load
Noise Levels
Safety Hazard
NFPA Color Coding
Stranger in the Warehouse
Pedestrians and Industrial Vehicles
Moving Under Lifted Load
recognizing radiation hazard
Emergency Evacuation
Responsibility for Safety
Locked Out Stretch Wrapper
Fall Protection
Proper Lifting
Face Shield
Workplace Slips and Falls
Reason for Safety Program
Fire Extinguisher PASS
Back Injury Causes
Lethal Voltage
Confined Space Entry Responsibilities
Universal Precautions
Management of Change
Asbestos Materials
Prevent PIV Back-Up Accidents
Preventing Injuries
Four Critical States