SAS 9 - Data Analyst Assessment


SAS 9 - Data Analyst Assessment

Skills Assessment

The SAS 9 - Data Analyst assessment measures understanding of the structure and design of SAS programming, data sets, and basic reporting. This test will reflect the taker's ability to access and manage SAS data, and summarize the data. The focus encompasses fundamental concepts and broad use of SAS across disciplines

Assessments for SAS 6 - IT Professional and Business Systems Analyst are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 42
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Definition
Program Debug
SAS Data Sets
Tasks Tested Analyzing SAS Code
Understanding How SAS Works
Rules for Naming Data Sets
Understanding How SAS Works - Storage
Understanding How SAS Works - Libname
Input Style
Understanding SAS Code
Understanding SAS Terms - Data Set
Understanding How SAS Works - Format
Understanding SAS Code - Data Set
Rules for Naming a Library Reference
Analyzing SAS Code - Integers
Understanding How SAS Works - Characters
Understanding SAS Code - Steps
Understanding How SAS Works - Data Set
Analyzing SAS Code - Data Set
Understanding SAS Terms
Understanding SAS Code - Set Statement
Analyzing SAS Code - Rename
Analyzing SAS Code - Errors
Understanding SAS Code - Date
Understanding SAS Code - Operators
Understanding How SAS Works - Date