Warehouse Safety and Inventory Management Assessment


Warehouse Safety and Inventory Management Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Warehouse Safety and Management test is designed to assess a test taker's understanding of managing a warehouse with an emphasis on safety. Topics covered by this test include shipping, receiving, forklift handling and safety, physical and logical inventory, safety procedures and signs, and general warehouse management tasks. This assessment is appropriate for experienced warehouse managers with at least one year of experience managing a warehouse.


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Total Questions 37
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Inventory
Warehouse Safety
Warehouse Management
Tasks Tested Time Consuming Inventory
Document Included in Shipments
Warehouse Map for Inventory
Proper Inventory Ordering
Filling an Order
Next Step after Physical Inventory
Inventory Handling
Physical Inventory Method
Physical Inventory - Shipping and Receiving
Disadvantages of the Count Sheets Inventory Method
Definition of Inventory
Warehouse Tools
Inventory Counting Methods
Accurate Inventory Count Methods
Proper Inventory Control
Post Inventory Discussion
Physical Inventory
Signs in the Warehouse
Forklift Passengers
OSHA Standards
Hat Safety Sign
Warehouse Safety Sign
Danger Signs in the Warehouse
OSHA Standards for Forklift Operation
Warning Sign
Floor/Footwear Safety Sign
Forklift Safety
Proper Forklift Operation
Safety of Employees
Area Safety Sign
Chemical/Mask Safety Sign
Multi-level Shelving Unit
Successful Employee
Staffing and Management Control
Controlling Warehouse Costs
Prioritizing Tasks
Controlling Labor Costs