Hazardous Materials Information System Assessment


Hazardous Materials Information System Assessment

Skills Assessment

The Hazardous Materials Information System assessment is designed for Canadian workers and supervisors who must verify their knowledge of WHMIS regulations, as well as employees responsible for managing MSDS and labels in the workplace. Topics include Regulatory Knowledge & Application, Worker Education, Workplace Health, Workplace Safety, Supplier & Workplace Labels, MSDS Requirements, Exemptions\Exceptions, and Responsibilities.

Assessments for Basic Industrial Skills and Basic Industrial Math Skills are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 46
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Regulatory Knowledge & Application
Worker Education
Workplace Health
Workplace Safety
Supplier & Workplace Labels
MSDS Requirements
Tasks Tested WHMIS Class Subdivisions
Laboratory Samples
Classification of Articles
Hazardous Material Classification
Provincial WHMIS Enforcement
TLV Definition
Chemical Hazard Identification
Education Requirements
Education Responsibility
WHMIS Symbol Recognition
LD50 Meaning
Identifying Main WHMIS Components
Biohazard Definition
Toxicity Relevance
Carcinogenic Symbol Recognition
Routes of Entry
Health Hazard Terminology
Oxidizer Symbol Recognition
Flammable & Combustible Hazards
Protecting Skin from Corrosives
Respirator Use
Chemical Storage
Protecting Eyes from Liquids
Workplace Label Requirements
Label Retention
Labeling Decanted Products
Supplier Label Requirements
Label Recognition
Label Maintenance
MSDS Fundamentals
MSDS Availability
MSDS Preparation
MSDS Expiration
MSDS Information Requirements
Listing Hazardous Components on a MSDS
Toxicological Data Disclosure
Workplace Label Creation
Worker Knowledge
CBI Disclosure
Unloading Shipments of Dangerous Goods
Placard Identifiers
Ingredient Disclosure Exemption
Confidential Business Information
Labeling Poisonous & Infectious Materials
CBI Claim Approval