Adobe Acrobat X Assessment


Adobe Acrobat X Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Adobe Acrobat X assessment is designed to assess a test taker's understanding of Adobe Acrobat concepts. The test taker will be challenged to utilize the exporting, editing, and multimedia features of Acrobat for producing documents. Topics covered by this test include document basics, working with a PDF, interactivity and media, portfolios, security and protection, and forms. This assessment is appropriate for test takers that have a year or more experience with Adobe Acrobat X.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 36
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Document Basics
Working with a PDF
Interactivity and Media
Security and Protection
Tasks Tested Missing File
Find and Search
Documents, Panels, and Tools
Document Views
Text Editing Tool
Sending PDFs
Multiple File PDF
Changing Graphics
Creating PDFs
Combining Pages
Converting Files to PDFs
Repeating Steps
Commenting on a PDF
Smaller File Size
Graphic File Formats for Exporting
PDF Presentation Mode
Adding a Button
Multiple Files
Supported Video Files
Transitions Not Working
Button Characteristics
Older Version of Acrobat
Portfolio Features
Assembling Files into a Unit
Add a Signature
Form Fields
Form Views
Providing and Collecting Forms
Making an Interactive Form
Field Definition
Document Permissions
Protecting Information
Digital ID with No Signature
Individual Security