Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Assessment


Adobe Flash CS3 Professional Assessment

Skills Assessment

This test is designed to measure the test taker's proficiency with the design, animation, and online publishing tools offered by the Adobe Flash CS3 Professional development package. While it includes questions regarding technical issues likely to be faced by any Flash professional today, it is not intended to measure one's knowledge of application development or more technical aspects of Flash/ActionScript software programming and debugging.

The test will focus on the basics of the Flash integrated design environment itself, the design and animation tools used to create original content within the Flash IDE, Third, the many tools for incorporating external assets such as image, audio and video files into Flash presentations, and the optimization techniques and best practices to ensure the test taker understands how best to use the tools provided.

Assessments for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Illustrator are also available.


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How does it work?
Total Questions 38
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Flash Basics
Drawing and Animation Tools
External Assets
Technique and Practice
Tasks Tested Working with the Timeline - Movement of Symbols
Working with Symbols - Property Inspector
Working with the Timeline
View Customization
Interface Familiarity
Working with the Timeline - Frame and Solid Circle
Embedding Audio
Working with Symbols - Changing Dimensions
Working with Depths
Using Onion Skinning
Types of Objects
Working with the Timeline - Incomplete Tween
Working with the Timeline - Shape Tween
Working with Symbols - Run an Animation
Working with Symbols - Scaling
Converting to a Curve Point
Importing Bitmaps
Working with Bitmaps - Trace Bitmap
Working with Bitmaps - Anti-aliasing
Working with Audio - Access Sound Editing
Managing Color
Working with Video - Flash Application
Working with Video - Playback Control
Importing Bitmaps - File Format
Exporting Fonts
Creating Specialized Applications
Publishing Mobile Content
Working with Actions - MovieClip
Working with Bitmaps - Cache Objects
Working with Actions - ActionScript
Extending the Flash Application
Best Practices