Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Assessment


Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Assessment

Skills Assessment

This Adobe Flash Professional CS5 test is designed to access a test taker's abilities and skills as an Adobe Flash developer. With this in mind, the assessment presents questions that focus on a variety of topics that include fundamentals, setting up a Flash scene, motion tweens, movie clips and video, ActionScript and interactivity, and animation basics. This assessment is appropriate for beginner and intermediate test takers with a year or more experience.

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How does it work?
Total Questions 43
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested Fundamentals
Setting Up a Flash Scene
Animation Basics
Motion Tweens
Movie Clips and Video
ActionScript and Interactivity
Tasks Tested Stroke Width Scaling
Applying Transformations to a Graphic Symbol
Shape Merging
Incorrect Stroke Color
Drawing a Rectangle with the Pencil Tool
Import Text Image
HTML Document Layout
Simultaneous Frames
Color Outside the Flash Color Swatch
Character Embedding
Merging Objects
Text Layout Framework
Movie Clip Symbols
Working with Graphic Symbols
Gradient Creation
Download Speed
Geometric Pattern Symbols
Shape Tweening
Modify Frames at the Same Time
Finessing Animation
Flat Line in the Motion Editor
Panel for Motion Tween Properties
Synchronize Sound
Drop Shadow Filter
Tween Curve Control Points
Motion Path Modification
Motion Presets
Distribute to Layers
Sound Behavior in Relation to the Timeline
Shape Description
Movement Effects
Video Import Wizard
3D Rotation Tool
Cue Points with Adobe Media Encoder
Code Snippet Added to a Frame
User Input Frame Rate
Button to Stop the Animation
Hiding the Rectangular Highlight
Moving the Playhead Several Frames
Flash Event Flow
Flash Button Area
Compiling ActionScript