AS/400 Operations Assessment


AS/400 Operations Assessment

Skills Assessment

IBM AS/400 is a midrange computer system used primarily for running business applications for small to mid-sized companies. RPG and COBOL are the common languages used for writing applications for the AS/400. This test is designed to evaluate one's technical knowledge of the AS/400 in the areas of Operations, Security Administration and using Control Language for operating system releases V3R7 to V4R2.

Assessments for CICS/COBOL and COBOL for Year 2000 Programmers are also available.


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Total Questions 42
Question Types Multiple Choice
Competencies Tested General Operations
Backup and Recovery
Printing Control
System Maintenance
Job Control
User Profile Maintenance
Object Authority
Control Language (CL) Programming
System Status
Configuration Status
System Values
Tasks Tested FTP
Operating System
Backing up a library
Save Files
Display Tape
Save Changed Objects
Saving Spool Files (reports)
Starting a Printer
DASD Usage
Reclaim Storage
Holding an active job
Re-sequence Display
Submitting Jobs Immediately
Total Active Jobs
Number of Jobs in a Subsystem
End Job
Job Scheduler
Job Priority
Limit Capabilities
Changing Password
Changing User Profile
Object Authority Levels
Object Authority Level
Creating Duplicate Object
Declaring Files
String Manipulation
Open Data Path
CL Program Objects
Database Records
Communicating With User
Last Record
Communicating Variables
Error Message Handling
Jobs in System
Configuration Types
Signoff Parameters
System Library List
Job Time-Out Action
Job Time-Out